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I dig where I stand

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1993 a band took form in my friend Clemens’ bedroom. Drums, keys, guitars, amps, five guys, a PA system. We crammed it all into that tiny space. Hiphop, the sound of my childhood, had been totally off my radar for years. Now it felt like an unwritten story. Dr Dre was paving the way at the time. But we felt like Prince or George Clinton, taking all the music we loved and scribbling it down in this newfound diary. Everyday we were funkin’, only we didn’t know how. The band became our academy. The basic research. When we split up some years later we had evolved into musicians.
We lived in the quintessential collective daydream that a young person commit to only once; The struggling band. The last song we released was ”Faggot Brain” on a label we called Delusions of Grandeur. Very accurate.

I haven’t made music with singer Diplomatic since. For 17 years.

I still relapse into daydreaming, where I picture myself among big stars. What if this, what if that. And then I connect again with my own reality; My friends, the Scanian soil. Everyday I compose, produce, arrange, conduct, perform, explore. Maybe my contribution to music is happening where I’m standing right now. Not in a daydream far away.

Last month me and Diplomatic met again in the studio a did a track. The process was fluent. We ended up with a song that sounded just like our old band Poetized. Only with some 20 years of life later. And Diplomatic as poetic as ever.




prayer walker

through the infernal

I´m a

candle burner

path eternal

soul blue eye

Joe Lynn Turner

International school of Helsinki

Central Park West deep inside of me

representing my country

I never did know

then moving on to Karlaplan

bus 94 through my hood at dawn

dungeons and dragons under parquet floors

Gyp Casino ran the record store



prayer walker

through the infernal

I´m a

candle burner

path eternal

soul blue eye

Joe Lynn Turner

when the truth

begins to show

We choose where we will go

prayer walker

night rockers

prayers walker

here come the night rockers

A knight under fire

with St Lars my squire

no guiding light home

only a burning desire

Cellblock H left me cold at night

with the national anthem

white noise 

 TV light


they call it

Crime City

but it´s really

Rock Island

and it used to be

on my hoodie

but where I´m from

I won´t really know

until our hearts begins to show

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