Voz Vibrante

writes to the best singers in the world

Dear Flora Matos

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I was down with the band in Maputo, Moçambique, doing what we usually do; Playing funk for people. One night there was a party at Gonçalo Mabunda’s Arts Collective. That’s where we met. You and your friends had come from Sao Paolo to perform in Moç. We started a jam in the backyard. I instantly felt a musical connection. When I came back to the hotel I made a beat from the vibe I got from this meeting.
The next evening we met in your hotel room for a recording session. We wired my music through your TV. The 808 bass line distorted beautifully on that poor TV set.
Your friend translated a text you had explaining your love for uma morena. You wanted to know if I would approve of this concept on the beat. It was so poetic and so street in the same time. I had never-ending goose bumps knowing that this was poetry that would end up on my music.
We worked out the outlines for two songs that night.
Ever since we have tried occasionally to collaborate over the internet. Sometimes it feels like computers are the bluntest of tools. How I wish we could meet again to carve out more music.
When I saw a lofi clip of you performing in a club in Brazil I felt your kickassness again. I made a tune in sync with that clip. I fantasize how it would sound in a Sao Paolo nightclube. Big. And your voice on it. Maximum Respect.

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