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Dear Beyoncé

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Yesterday I was in a kind of elevated mode the whole day.

The day before my band Timbuktu & Damn! had our tour premiere in Stockholm. It was the first day of summer and 17 000 people with warm faces joined up with us. My body was totally relaxed and communicated with ease. Funk, dance, smiles, connection. Love for my fellow musicians.

On the train back to Malmö I saw your Lemonade film with tears in my eyes, blown away by the completeness of this work of art. The color scale, the words heavy like lead, the songs in context with the story, the situation for women over generations.

Every time you release an album I want to sneak in and be in the creative process of making that album, always envious with your collaborators. Like back in 2004 when I did these renditions of your music, just for the joy of working with the best voice.

But this time the feeling of wanting to be in the essence extended to when I later that night performed with Malmö City Theater. I’ve written the music for a play by Liv Strömquist and Ada Berger on female aging. It is a humoruos take on the roles women are supposed to fill; good mother, sex symbol, careerist, evil step mother. And how to dare to meet with your dark side in order to become whole. Like we tell in the sumarian legend of Inanna. The ruler of heaven and earth, who finally reconnects with her sister, the ruler of the underworld.

I always want to be where the sausage is made. And yesterday I could fully appreciate that my bandmates, the theater cast and writers, you and me, we are all making sausage in different places of the earth but with the same ingredients; Stories and sorrows, melody and harmony, joy, anger, the beauty of the human body and the complex ways it can express human experience.

Yes I want to make a song with you every day. But how beautiful to be part of the thousands of people communicating through art to heal each others wound, to understand oneself and each other or just trying to make another person feel joy and dance.

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