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Music and daydreams

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As long as I have been doing music I have been daydreaming. When I was 13 I imagined that I met Nick Rhodes, the keyboard player in Duran Duran. He was so arty. I had seen pictures with him and a camera. I also wanted to try all art forms. I combed my hair just like him, as much as possible over the head.
As a grown up I have spent a lot of time doing beats, imagining my favorite vocalists singing over my music.
I might have a certain success as a musician but these daydream beats still lie around in my computer and none of the world’s finest singers has ever sung with that music.
So I decided to write open letters to my dream co-operators and putting the music out there. You will simply have to imagine the singers or rappers and enjoy the music as it is now.
When I told my friend Johanna about this project, she called me en handlingens drömmare, which is about the nicest review I ever got; A doer-dreamer. Only, I don’t always do what I dream. Maybe to write a letter is a good way of connection the doing with the dreaming? This is what I will explore with this blog.

One thought on “Music and daydreams

  1. I remember your hairstyle during that time. I, as your littlesis; fan and hardcriticsgiver; actually thought that you and Nick where look-a-likes 😉 Ofcourse you’re a dreamdoer. You have often tried your dreams and turned out lucky, even if you sometimes have had to wait and use your Hjärpan stubbornness not to give in. Keep on dreaming and keep on creating, my beloved inspirationwhirlbrother. You are the grandson of an inventor that made things posssible and rollin’. Thank you a lot for sharing with us that are caring.

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