Voz Vibrante

writes to the best singers in the world

Dear Usher


Dear Usher,
some years ago I found an acapella of your song “Yeah!”. I heard so much harmonies in that vocal and I did a remix.

I daydreamed that you came to my apartment in Lund, Sweden, and we wrote music.
 When I listen to your records I hear such a strong connection to what I do musically.
Last year I wanted to prove to my friend, rapper Timbuktu, that I could take a sound that he hated, a sampling of the Shakuhachi flute, and turn it into a beat that he would headnod to. I actually fooled him into digging that sound. Then I heard it: This is the music I would love you to sing on.

Please do.

Best Regards
Voz Vibrante

3 thoughts on “Dear Usher

  1. Yo Voz! Detta är riktigt gött!!!

  2. How wonderful to express your musical wishes and hopes in such multiatrisan ways. I, beeing a consument, hope that your dream will come true so I may experience that process of catharsis. Love/Helena

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