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Dear Tinashe


Nois3.com posted an acapella of yours some days ago. You enchanted this Drake composition with heroic pop melodies and I felt an urge to add some weltmeister chords and big atmospheres to go with that.
I know nothing of your art nor your career but if you and I don’t get world famous when people hear this music I will fry this hat in butter and black pepper and eat it.

eat a hat

For me, this is the default feeling after finishing a new song; A profound delusion of grandeur. It’s the extension of the bubbly euphoria of creating new music. The next day you are back to being the same 41 year old piece of rotting meat, but right there in the epicenter of a composition you are the Bömb.
My wife told me that she once found her sister in front of the mirror. While she gently combed her long blond hair she sang ”They will fall in love with me”. Even if the sister got bullied for years for that episode, I think it’s a beautiful illustration of a fulfilling delusion.
What’s the drive behind these grandeuresque excesses? A longing to be liked? What if I really believed in a god. Then I could compose a Cantata to honor the god and then lean back and be fully content when I felt the divine liking.

devine liking

Instead every day I’m digging, exploring, deconstructing and re-building.

4 thoughts on “Dear Tinashe

  1. Lovely description of the feeling when a song is ready for release! You’re just waiting for that vortex of appreciation to start spinning! In my case it’s usually followed by emptiness though. Just sheer vacuum… In your case however I’d recommend you to keep that hat well away from the frying pan! You really are The Böömb! Where did you get that deep kick/bass sound?

  2. This was really fantastic Music! I hope she answeres you one day!

  3. If you know nothing about her career, you can consult Wikipedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinashe

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